Firefox Klar

TL;DR: Firefox Klar (a.k.a Focus) is free enough to hit F-Droid

I’m trying harder to protect my personal privacy, and in order to guarantee that I’m trying to use more open source apps.

I was really excited about Mozilla’s launch of Firefox Focus on Android, a mobile browser designed around privacy. Ironically, Firefox Focus was not avialable on F-Droid, because it contains non-free, binary tracking libraries(here’s the report). sigh. Back to Lightning I went.

SIDEBAR: check out Lighting, if you’re looking for a lightweight, but more conventionally featured browser. It’s got really cool tab & bookmark interfaces!

Well, apparently the Germans wouldn’t stand for that, and Firefox Klar was released, sans trackers. It’s Focus, just without all the tracking binaries… and it’s in F-Droid. W00t.