BungeeConnect Basecamp API version 0.1.4 "Green Bar" - Release Candidate

I revved the BungeeConnect Basecamp API tonight, with the following improvements:
  • Time Entries have complete test coverage. Thanks to Yamato Engine Specialists for allowing testing of the API with their account.
  • Messages and Comments now have complete test coverage (and yes, the tests pass).
  • Todo-Items now update all recommended fields; v0.1.2 only updated the text of the todo-item.
  • Milestones update successfully; Milestone due-dates were incorrectly types as DateTime - they are now properly typed as Date.
  • An issue with properly identifying responsible parties for milestones, and todo-items was resolved.
The following issues are still outstanding:
  • There is currently no support for Attachments.
Prerequisites (unchanged):
Just as a reminder, this code is released completely free to the BungeeConnect community; feel free to use and abuse it to your hearts content.

CampHappier Project

I'm also proud to announce that this code is also the first Release Candidate from the CampHappier Project: a group of code components arranged around the concept of making 37Signals' Basecamp Project Management app more feature rich via the API. Chime in on the Wiki or via GetSatisfaction.

Drop me a comment and let me know how you're using the code.