BungeeConnect Delivers on 'Rocket' Promise -or- Real-Time Smart Trips Statistics!

The news is starting to get out that Whatcom County, WA's Smart Trips program is not just environmentally smart, but tech-savvy too. Last week they launched a Web Service providing real-time stats on the environmental impact of not driving alone. This is something I've been pushing for, in order to make the impressive stats a bit more accessible.

A few hours after receiving a link to the WSDL, I had a working demo running in BungeeConnect. A bit of wrangling back and forth on the style, and within a couple days, I have a functioning Google Gadget that mimics a printed poster of the statistics. Of course the poster's size is more impressive, but it's not real-time!

This is, without a doubt, the fastest I've ever delivered anything on the web. It's also my first Google Gadget, and the first time I've consumed a WSDL.

Props to the team at Bungee Labs for making it easy, Yamato Engine Specialists for sponsoring the effort, and the staff at Smart Trips for being flexible enough to jump into the web services pool.

So, add it to your iGoogle page, or any web page for that matter!