LinuxFest Northwest 2008: Saturday & Sunday April 26th, 27th

You should go to LinuxFest Northwest 2008, Saturday & Sunday April 26th, 27th at Bellingham Technical College, in Bellingham, WA. No admission, no need to register, although I do recommend bringing a few $ for the salmon barbecue and the World Famous Raffle. Print out a poster and stick it somewhere visible. Or connect other attendees, through the social nets. And don't forget to thank our sponsors.

As a presenter, I feel compelled to plug myself:
  • I'll be presenting on my experiences implementing FOSS in an established business, Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm.
  • I'll be cloning myself and participating in two Birds of a Feather sessions; openSUSE users, and multi-OS environments, Sunday afternoon at 3:00 pm.
  • I'll be doing a bit of booth duty for openSUSE Sunday morning.
As a well supported BCDN developer, I feel compelled to plug Bungee Labs:
  • 'Reverend' Ted Haeger will be talking about Software-as-a-Service (and his new favorite buzzphrase Platform-as-a-Service I'm sure) and open-source. Licensing coolness and making money, and hopefully, showing off the BungeeConnect environment, on Saturday at 1:30pm.
The full presenter schedule is online, but subject to change until the day-of.

As a member of BLUG, I've been otherwise armtwisted, cajoled, and downright shamed into plugging the event.

So come. Please. Before those with more infuence than I start doing worse than armtwisting... ;)